COMODOInternetSecurity_wm The COMODO Internet Security was designed to be the that integrates COMODO Antivirus, COMODO Firewall and COMODO Defense+ in a seamless manner. We have also fixed many bugs in COMODO Firewall with this release. COMODO Firewall or COMODO Antivirus canbe installed as standalone products by using the same setup.
Internet Security combines the power of COMODO's award-winning Firewall and AntiVirus software to protect your PC from malicious software and Hackers. Best of all is FREE! Comodo Internet Security will help you detect and remove viruses, Trojans, and other malicious software and hackers, and keep them out of your computer. In one easy-to-use bundle that won't slow down your computer. All free, really! No Credit Card Required for this download.

Version 3.10.101801.529 : 7th July, 2009
    * NEW! COMODO Secure DNS is introduced as a new free service
    * NEW! COMODO HopSurf Toolbar - COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar has been discontinued and superseded by COMODO HopSurf Toolbar
    * NEW! CIS now allows the users to change the URL for the program and virus updates
    * IMPROVED! CIS now has a better support for Windows Security Center integration in Windows Vista SP1 and later
    * IMPROVED! AV engine now supports more archives and has better detection capabilities
    * IMPROVED! Direct disk access false alerts have been reduced
    * FIXED! Some applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64 bit
    * FIXED! Antivirus scans excluded folders
    * FIXED! Firewall does not show some connections under high load
    * FIXED! Firewall sometimes causes the PC to freeze in windows XP 32
    * FIXED! cfp.exe crashes when HIPS alerts timeout