CodySafe is a software tool that turns any portable drive from a simple data carrier to a computer-on-stick. Carry your computer programs with you, manage them, launch them on any PC, and leave no footprint behind. Manage you documents, multimedia files and pictures on your removable media.

These and other useful features as well as user-friendly and gratifying to the eye interface of the CodySafe make this software product exceptional, stylish and trendy.

Simply download CodySafe, install it on your portable drive and get the sense of real portability.

Enjoy operating you USB flash drive or portable hard disk. The management of your portable documents, multimedia files and pictures has never being that easy. Add and control your portable applications with maximum convenience. Enjoy the most stylish and elegant menu, designed using cutting-edge technologies especially for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

CodySafe is software for management of portable applications. There are few similar solutions in the world of portables. U3 and PortableApps provide their utilities for operation and management of portable applications. Ceedo provides a framework for making application portable. PStart, 8start and ZPin launchers are nice, but none of the above offers the following useful features:
* Automatic application ranking based on frequency of its usage
* Grouping and categorizing of applications
* Management of automatic launching of portable applications
* Adding applications that are not compatible with framework.
And more
These features as well as gratifying to the eye interface make CodySafe so attractive.
Future versions of CodySafe will place emphasis on providing strong security for your portable drive.