How to develop Positive way of thingking

Do you realize that if your desist to think negativity and sure as respects to positive, somehow you will achieve your goals?
Here is some tips for you ‘How to develop positive way of thingking’.
1. Always use a positive words in thingking or saying something. “I can do this” or ‘I can Fix this problem’ are the sample.

2. Let your mind chockablock of happiness, strength, and efficacy. For every situation you are, fill your mind with positive side of the situation. There is negative and positive in every situation. Bring your mind to stay positive by digg into the situation deeper.
3. Erase all negative thinking from your mind. Believe that in God’s hand, all your problem solved.
4. Dont start something with the imagination of failure but start with the mind of succes you will achieve in the end. By doing something with your positive heart, you’ll suprise with your goal.
5. Relax in every situation. Dont depress. Choose what the best to suite you. Dont get confuse by it. Sometimes while choosing to long, we get stuck in many negative mind. Avoid this.
6. Make a friend with positive people. You are build by your social life. Making friends and live with a positive people make you grow positive.
7. Read an inspirational book. Fill your spare time with reading this kind of book. Inspirational word can build your mind to be positive.
8. Raise your self confidence. By believe in your self, you believe in your ability to do a great things in your life.
9. Do a positive activity such as walking in the park, sports, praying. By doing that, you prevent your mind to be negative.
10. Thank you for every good thing happend to you. You get what you give. You plant a gold, you’ll harvest a gold too.
There is never too late to be positive. By think positive, a good life and happyness will come to you and fill you day.
How do you think?